Roadtrip 2012

We are riding our bikes to……….oh yeah, almost forgot – there’s no plan! You heard correctly, no plan.

It seems we are always planning in our daily lives. Plan, plan, plan…..

Rarely does anything follow the plan we lay out anyway….so, this is our answer to it. The best way to have everything go according to ‘plan’, is to have none. Vacation should ‘vacate’ the routines we have programmed ourselves to believe as necessary. At least, that’s the idea for us.

So….we looked at a map and looked for anything not south (we went south in 2010). The green blotch we agreed on was the Adirondack Mountains. So we will enter them on the southwest and head northeast……

Come with us……we will update this blog as we can. I’ll edit bad entry’s to get them to make sense….since inevitably it will be jargon just to lock in key points in time….


We had to pull into a gas station in Liverpool PA, to escape the rain. It was brief, so we were able to get on the road rather quickly.


We had lunch in Lewisburg, with Al, Rick’s BIL and his family. Grass fed burgers on the grill! YUM!

We Scooped Al up, and took off around 1 pm.


What a day. Scorching heat and a little rain did not stop progress today. It was the first day of our road-trip. It took most of the day for us to link up, with me traveling to Lebanon from Columbia, then Rick S and I  rolled toward Lewisburg to hook up with Al. Final tally was about 280 miles today, start to finish.

There is no rush. 250-300 is good enough. It is common practice in the motorcycle world to poke fun at anything less than 500 miles per day on a ‘roadtrip’. That’s because, it’s not a simple task, so when you push 500-1000 miles per day for three or so days straight, you’ve earned a right among your peers to poke a little fun at those who might do a mere 250-300 per day…. I don’t worry about those things.

I’ve been riding for about 33 years. I’ve puddle jumped, t-boned cars, slammed telephone poles, cranked some mileage out on the interstate, and have basically ridden in most climate conditions, including the badlands of South Dakota in August. So….giggle if it helps you, but 280 miles on mountain roads in a forest is a long day! It’s a respectable undertaking. So you ‘Iron Butt’s’ can laugh if ya want, but i can swap scar’s, damage and stories with you over a campfire as long as you can sit there with me :-).

Tomorrow begins in Binghamton NY.  We will catch up later!



Stayed at a Holiday Inn. Decent accommodations.

    20120709-090808.jpg                      20120711-052526.jpg

Monday- heading down the road before eating breakfast, we found a cool no frills local restaurant called Gramma’s.Breakfast was great, and it helped, since it was very brisk today. Let me rephrase that -it was friggin’ cold!

Today’s objective: ride and enjoy ourselves – in the Adirondack Mountains. Mission Accomplished. We picked Lake Placid as a point we might land that day (still Monday). Cool conversations with folks at gas stops and food breaks- which is why I love this lifestyle. To some it’s a hobby. That’s fine too!

There’s an exppression – If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand. It’s very true!


20120711-052606.jpg               20120711-052629.jpg                20120711-052654.jpg









Lake Placid was a cold start. Oh, and did I say wet? Not a soaker, but an interesting challenge to begin out mountainous ride. Saw our first Moose crossing sign too!

Beautiful does not describe what we saw. Even the rain didn’t dampen our experience. Wish we would have taken more pictures.

Made it to Laconia NH via Ny and Vermont

Made it to a Hampton Inn. Ate at 99

There is a lot to tell about – and I will, when typing on a computer. So far this is one thumb on an iPhone!

Zig zagging around the white mountains
trying to project our path this day is fruitless – trust me









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